awstats 纯perl的方式 安装geoip插件

There is a rumor that GeoIP is not supported by Powweb. This is
completely false. It must first be configured prior to use. Now stay
with me so I don’t lose you…

  1. Install your own copy of

    awstats in the cgi-bin directory. Once this is working properly, you
    may move on to the next step. There is a tutorial for this on the
    Powweb site under “Site Statistics” I believe.

  2. Download GeoIP::PurePerl module from

    1.17 is the latest version as of Sept 1, 2005. This is a tar.gz file so make sure you have WinRAR or another compatible decompressor.

  3. Once

    decompressed, create a directory in your cgi-bin called GeoIP (You can
    name it anything you like, but for this tutorial it shall be GeoIP).
    Move the contents from the decompressed folder to “/cgi-bin/GeoIP/”.
    The decompressed folder should be called “Geo-IP-PurePerl-1.xx”. Now
    before we configure we need to get the latest database.

  4. Download GeoIP.dat from this address

    Again this is a .gz file and must be decompressed. Once decompressed, move “GeoIP.dat” to “/cgi-bin/GeoIP/”.

  5. OK.. now to configure.

    First if you have turned on DNSLookup… turn it
    off. In Awstats.conf —> DNSLookup=0 (this may also be a good time
    to change your logfile if you desire current stats over stats from
    yesterday. Remove the “.0″ after “access”.

    LogFile=”/logs/access.0/1/xxxxxx_access_log” ->

  6. Next enable the

    GeoIP plugin by removing the # from before the command and add the path
    to the GeoIP.dat file. In Awstats.conf —> LoadPlugin=”geoip
    GEOIP_STANDARD /www/u/username/cgi-bin/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat” When that’s
    complete, save awstats.conf

  7. Now open up the file

    (located in awstats/plugins…. thanx Aza) so we may edit it. At the
    very top you’ll see two directory entries. They’ll say “Geo/” and
    Geo/IP/”. WE need to modify these to reflect the
    installation path. Change them to
    “/www/u/username/cgi-bin/GeoIP/lib/Geo/” and
    “/www/u/username/cgi-bin/GeoIP/lib/Geo/IP/” respectively.
    Save and close.

  8. Last but not least, open up “”

    located in “/cgi-bin/GeoIP/lib/Geo/IP”. On lines 79 and 83 you’ll fine
    directory listings for “GeoIP.dat”. Change these to
    “/www/u/username/cgi-bin/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat”. Save and close.

  9. Everything should be set now.

    If it’s working, you’ll see a new column
    added to “Hosts” in Awstats named “GeoIP Country”. This will list
    countries for all IP addresses, even ones collected before
    modification. The “Countries” area will show flags only for IP
    addresses collected after the modification. If you have trouble, set
    your crontab to execute awstats every minute. This is accomplished be
    setting time to *. Then check your cronlog located in your logs
    folder to view errors.

Erik Reedstrom
IT Department